This work can do the most to change the world

It was a surprising experience, when I first recognized that money was pointing me to God.
OF COURSE God was there.
It felt so right for me. 

And then as I started to work with spiritual people I realized this was an enormous opportunity for every teacher, every healer, every coach that I know.
To give our attention to money from a spiritual perspective.
To include God in EVERYTHING.

I have found this work to be revolutionary.
It is one of the things that can actually do the most to change the world.

When we look at money, it gives us an opportunity to look at the truth of what’s happening in our world and how we’re participating or not participating in it. 

From an activist standpoint, I genuinely feel it’s our responsibility to be empowered around money.
So I am literally on a mission for everyone to experience financial empowerment and financial freedom.
For everyone to know that they are confident and competent in working with money on their terms

Especially the visionaries.
For our healers, coaches, artists, world-changers to have full access to the resources they want and need?
What an epic revolution that will be. 


Ready to take up some space with me? 

Here’s what  I really help people with:

Living from the essence of your unique life force, your true divine blueprint. Maybe even birthing a radical new understanding of who you really are. Experiencing the deep satisfaction of walking in the world as your truest self. Feeling so nourished and full that it naturally spills over into beautifully aligned service, and an outpouring of wealth in all directions. 

If you feel called to raise the standard for your life, I invite you to explore my March 15 event

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