The Road Map to Conscious Creation

How do I get from where I am now to where I really want to be?”

This is the underlying message of virtually every question people bring me.

So you’re probably wondering the same thing!

In this blog, I’ll share a valuable tool for creating exactly what you want – I call it the GPS metaphor.

Just as with Waze, finding your way to your desired destination requires knowing where you’re going – and in your life, that means knowing what you truly want! This is step #1 in creating the life you want to live.

It seems simple, but it’s not a trivial thing.

One of my favorite teachers, Abraham Hicks, starts every single session with the same question:
“Are you knowing what you are wanting?”

Because the truth is, most people don’t.

Many of us have forgotten to give ourselves permission to explore what we want – let alone pursue it and bring it into our lives.

You have full permission to want what you want – and receive it. Every pleasurable morsel – just for you.

If you’re not used to letting your desire run free, it might seem scary or even daunting. You might feel like you have more important things to do. But I invite you to start with a simple question:

What do I truly want to have/be/do in my life?

Start there.

It can be small: “I’d love a red vase for these flowers…”

It can be big: “I really want to live in Hawaii…”

It can be immediate: “I want organic lentil soup for dinner…”

It can be long term: “I want to start a new business leading high end retreats for philanthropists…”

Let yourself start with whatever is clear to you. Explore what lights you up.

Get specific about it. Choose the things that feel really alive and juicy for you right now. That’s your destination.

And once you have a clear goal in mind, you can use this simple GPS metaphor to create what you want – FAST.

Think about GPS for a moment: using an expertly programmed database that’s full of evolving information, GPS determines the best route to your destination. It tells you where to go, which street to turn on, and your estimated arrival time. If you miss an exit, no big deal: GPS will tell you the next exit to take, so you can make a legal U-turn.

Sounds simple enough, right?

It is!

This is exactly how your Universal guidance system works.  

1. Just as with GPS, your first step is to be clear about where you’re going. (We did this part!)

When you’re creating a new result in your life, your destination might be an experience you want to create, a goal you want to reach, an amount of money you want to make, etc.

2. Next, you must know your current location, your starting point.

Where are you now? This information is critical, because it will determine which set of directions you need to follow in order to get there. If you’re starting in New York and trying to get to Florida, your directions will be way different than if you’re starting in California. So where are you now, in relationship to your goal?

3. Finally, you simply need to follow the directions.

Listen. Take one step at a time. Trust that the next step will be given. And keep paying attention!

And note: figuring the “how” is NOT your job.


And the cool part is, the Universal guidance system leading you toward your desired destination is SO MUCH MORE more sophisticated than Google maps. You’re in very good hands with this divine navigator, if you’re willing to follow that guidance. Let go of knowing all the steps in advance and trust.

If you build it, they will come.

Take it one step at a time.

You’ve got this.

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