Skydive Into 2019

Happy New Year!

If you know me, you know I move fast. I just feel like there’s no excuse NOT to be living out my wildest dreams and highest service right now.

So if you’re like me, you’ve done your reflections on the end of the year. You’ve cleaned up your act, released the past, and set your intentions. (If not, do that first! It’s SO helpful and it doesn’t have to take long or be too serious!)

You’re ready for what’s next! And I’m here to to help you make it happen.  

If you’re not quite there yet, of course, there’s still time. My last two blogs of 2018 were designed to help you vision your ideal year with self-love, and set yourself up for success every single day. Take a look!

In this blog, I’ll share one of my favorite stories with you – my skydiving experience! It reveals a valuable secret about risk and fear that will help you move through any obstacle to achieving your goals in 2019.

So I’ve made the decision. I’m at the skydiving center. I’ve paid. I’m strapped into the harness. And I’m ready to puke.

We start to fly. I’m going up – and although I’ve flown SO MANY times before with no problems, this time, my stomach is in my throat and I’ve never felt more sick.

I don’t know it at the time, but it’s because my subconscious knows that I’m going to die. It really, truly anticipates that I am traveling to my death.

And after all, why wouldn’t my subC be freaking out? After all we only started flying like this a few hundred years ago. Our reptilian brains haven’t caught up.

I’m flying up in a small plane. The nausea keeps getting worse.

I’m now being strapped to the tandem guy. He instructs me to move closer to the door. We scoot.

Our butts are on the floor, our feet are dangling out the open door on the side of the plane. And he is rocking us, backwards and forwards, again and again, closer and closer to falling out of the plane.  


The awful nausea continues. Everything about this is wrong. This should not be happening.

I remember this part as one of the worst experiences I have ever had. I could have fought, freaked out, punched the tandem guy. But I didn’t…

My only job was to surrender, and let him rock us out of the plane. I didn’t even have to jump! I just had to resist the temptation to fight and scream and do anything to stop him. I just had to allow my guide to take me over the edge. This experienced person who had done this many, many times. I just had to do what he told me to do – which was to relax, and let him move us until we were falling.

The SECOND we were falling out of the plane, all the nausea disappeared.

All fear disappeared.

It was just joy. Freedom. Flying. Fascination. Awe.

And then it was over. So fast!

I wanted to go back up immediately.

I love this story because it’s a perfect metaphor for the subconscious and the process it will put you through each time you face – and overcome – a fear to create something new.

And here’s my favorite part:

My subconscious used 100% of the tools it has available to get me to to STOP – all before there was any actual risk involved. As I approached the moment of risk, my body was in total shut down. I was sick and miserable – I felt like dying. All when my feet were on the ground, I was flying in a regular seat in a regular plane – all while nothing out of the ordinary was actually happening.

Except I was planning to jump out of a freaking airplane. And according to my subC, my reptilian brain, that shit will kill you!

At the moment I entered the actual risk, all those responses ceased. I was just present, alive, in bliss. Why? Because my subC had lost the battle. I had already jumped – and there was nothing more it could do to stop me.

And this is the secret:  

Take action and the fear disappears.

Your subconscious will do this to you when you commit to a new goal or big vision. It will pull out all the stops to stop you! And isn’t it cool to know that no matter how intense it feels, the fear you experience isn’t even necessarily related to the actual risk!??

Your subconscious is there to protect you… and it doesn’t know that this new thing won’t kill you. The truth is, there’s very little in our entrepreneurial or creative environments that can kill us. But our subC’s don’t know that. They are an outdated system from our days as hunters and gatherers. Whether it’s a cold sales call, an article in a new publication,  or a speaking engagement – to your primal systems, you might as well be jumping out of a tiny plane.

Just do it.

Prove to your subconscious that you aren’t gonna die. Prove it over, and over, and over. Prove to yourself that the kindest thing you can do for yourself is be brave and DO IT FAST. Get the fear over with!

I could have flown around for hours in that plane deciding whether or not to jump. It would have been torture!

Or I could have turned around and touched back down – and then I never would have known how easy it is to fly.

Now it’s your turn. A new year. A fresh opportunity to be brave and get the result.

  1. Choose ONE action you want or need to take that scares the bejesus out of you.  

  2. Do it.

  3. Celebrate your success!!

Where will you begin?

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