The Healing Power of Conscious Endings

I’ve recently experienced some massive changes in my life, including a move from L.A. to Sedona. This wasn’t exactly what I thought I wanted, it’s what I was guided to do. 

Our missions, our life purposes often have this flavor, at least in moments where there’s something we’re being asked to do that isn’t particularly comfortable. This isn’t what we would necessarily choose if it was only about us. But it’s not – God’s will be done. 

Endings in our lives, whether it’s the end of a job or the end of a relationship, a community, whatever; they’re as painful and emotional as they are because each ending touches all the other endings of our history. Sure I will miss various things about L.A., but it’s much more about the opportunity to feel all of what loss has been in my life, all of what endings have meant in my life. 

So I give myself an opportunity, at age 41, to grieve and love on myself and hold myself through that in the ways that I couldn’t when I was 13, 17, 22. 

Every single ending is such an enormous opportunity for healing. 

As 2021 draws to a close, I invite you to let yourself feel however you feel. 

How much grace can you give yourself?

How can you use the inner resources you’ve gathered to love yourself even more? 

How conscious can you allow this ending to be? 

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