Running from Scarcity or Running Towards Abundance?

YES! It’s 2022! Welcome to the fresh sheet of paper that is your life!

Ready to create a brand new work of art in collaboration with God?

To launch this year’s newsletter, I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes snippet out of my newest program, Spiraling Up. It’s a tiny sample of the juicy, inspired stuff I share with clients! I’m officially coaching one person here – and the teaching coming through is for EVERYONE.

It’s a very significant milestone for any visionary, but particularly entrepreneurs, to shift from a “running away” energy (aka, I gotta make money to pay my bills!) into the space where you are running toward what you want.

There’s a powerful urgency in that startup energy; it’s just not what I pray for you, and the world, to live off of. The trick is to let it get your momentum flowing – then once that momentum is flowing, release your need for that startup fuel!

You wouldn’t use jumper cables to start your car every single time you need to drive… would you?

The whole JJC team is wishing you all the blessings on your year ahead!

If you’re ready to start your own business, but don’t know where to begin, check out Jesse Johnson’s free online course, “The Energetics of Sales”.

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