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Healing our wounding around want

For as long as I can remember, I asked for things and didn’t get them. Asking was not the key in those situations.  Sometimes it was because my parents weren’t budgeting as much as I wanted them to. Sometimes it was because they didn’t understand how important that thing was to me. But it was just the experience over decades of asking for something and not getting it.  Asking for something in romantic relationships and […]

The Healing Power of Conscious Endings

I’ve recently experienced some massive changes in my life, including a move from L.A. to Sedona. This wasn’t exactly what I thought I wanted, it’s what I was guided to do.  Our missions, our life purposes often have this flavor, at least in moments where there’s something we’re being asked to do that isn’t particularly comfortable. This isn’t what we would necessarily choose if it was only about us. But it’s not – God’s will […]