Ninja Your Way Out of Imposter Syndrome

Pause whatever you’re doing for a second.

I want to get clear on something really important.

You realize you can do literally anything you want, right?

Want to build a 7-figure business in a year? You can do that.

Want to live in a mansion on a cliff overlooking the ocean? You can do that!

Want to make a million dollars and give it all away to save the ocean? Yep, you can do that too.

I’m an expert in helping entrepreneurs clarify their vision and take the steps to achieve it – no matter what it is.

And, I know from experience that as you’re creating the picture of your most spectacular life, you’ll hit up against a lot of things. You’ll hear doubts and questions from people around you who don’t yet understand that they, too, can create anything they want. Those doubts and questions will echo in your own mind.

Who am I to be doing this? What am I thinking? People can’t just… do whatever they want! I’m no 7-figure entrepreneur…

You feel like a fraud and a fake for even THINKING about it, because you’re not living it yet and you can’t imagine that YOU are the one to make it happen.

This is imposter syndrome. It’s part of the discomfort we all experience in growth.

And let me tell you: it’s the WORST.

It feels dark and bad and devastating – and when you’re in it, it’s hard to get out.

Part of the lie the subconscious tells is that you are an imposter.

The other part of the lie the subconscious tells is that you’re the only one feeling that way.

In fact, everyone feels it. See below:


I love this visual because it’s such a merciful reminder: don’t be so hard on yourself! You are not alone. Everybody feels this way sometimes. It’s okay.

And the glorious thing about that is that when you do feel like an imposter, you don’t have to take it so freaking personally. It doesn’t mean anything that you feel like an imposter – because so does everybody else. You’re stepping out of your comfort zone. You’re doing something you haven’t done before. Congratulations!

Of course when you’re inside that subconscious loop, trying to keep you small, it can be hard to turn things around.

You get caught in a loop, thinking, “I can’t.”

And frankly, I know from experience that it’s a full on mental workout to choose to STOP telling that story once it’s running. Because once you’re in it, it’s real hard to generate the momentum to go forward. When you’re stuck feeling like a fraud, it’s insidious. Not one thing about it is helpful or productive.

More than that:

It’s self-centered, negatively egotistical, and self-fulfilling.

Because you truly can’t focus on another person when you’re busy feeling like you don’t belong, can’t do it, aren’t good enough.

So how do you get out of it?

The real discipline that’s required is MASSIVE LOVE.  

It’s self-compassion. It’s dedicating time to appreciate yourself and recognize what you’re doing well. If you’re in a low-self esteem place, it’s not going to flip 180 in an instant. So you take one step at a time. Come up with one thing you’ve done that you can genuinely celebrate. Then go out and do something else that you can give yourself a pat on the back about. It can be tiny. But find something. And then do it again. And again. And again. Look for opportunities to love and appreciate yourself. Find reasons to give yourself positive feedback.

Ninja your way through! Do ANYTHING to feel confident that you are worth more. Go out and serve. DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO IN ORDER TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. You have to give this confidence to yourself.

Decide – I am worth it.

You can’t fake it – and when you find even the smallest thread of that belief in yourself, things will instantly shift.

And do you want to know the best way to to build your confidence and break the imposter syndrome lie?

Make a sale – and not for the money. Every time you make a sale, you are showing up in integrity with yourself, offering your service, and engaged in your business. Show up in service and remind yourself how f***ing boss you are. Fire those engines. Build up your momentum. Celebrate more and more of yourself with total passion and conviction.

Remember who you are.

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