Ready to Master Time?

Do you ever promise yourself you’ll do something, and then not do it?

Do you find yourself super busy doing anything and everything… except that one thing you really need to do to ensure success?

You’re not alone.

Whether it’s a meeting or social event (when was the last time you cancelled – or were relieved the other person did?) a key action step for your business, or a positive lifestyle change – everybody has things they commit to doing… and just plain don’t do.

This isn’t positive or negative, right or wrong. But it does affect your results. So it helps to get curious about where and how it shows up for you.

Why don’t you do what you say you’re gonna do?

How do you deal with it when you don’t do what you said you would?

If you find yourself here often… busy, distracted, procrastinating, struggling for work/life balance… “doing” but not getting it done – let me help you work through your resistance. These are #solvableproblems.

The truth is, we are all 100% responsible for our own lives, our own experiences, and our own results. But most people are not claiming that responsibility, or the empowerment that comes with it. This claiming is the best kept secret to creating a life you truly love.

Instead, most people feel like life is happening to them.  That they are victims of circumstance.

So when they commit to doing a thing… and they don’t do it… there are plenty of external factors they can blame.

But you can take control of the problem.

You can empower yourself to do what you say you will do.


You can use your calendar as a powerful, visionary scheduling tool to create the life you want.

A few weeks ago, one of my “Launch That Rocket” group clients was speaking about this exact issue. She was frustrated by her own failure to complete an important task.

I asked why she hadn’t gotten it done.

She had scheduled it in, but got distracted when she popped onto Instagram to interact with other entrepreneurs. She hopped on for a few minutes and before she knew it, she was down the rabbit hole. An hour passed, and it was time for her next appointment.

She recognized that it was valuable for her to have some downtime on IG. She really enjoyed her time and got inspired scrolling through the feeds of other smart, creative, successful people in her field.

So I asked her, “Have you ever tried scheduling in your Instagram geek-out time?”

We happily schedule our workdays to the max. The things that seem important, respectable, responsible – they all get a space on the calendar. We prioritize them in our minds. We make them sacred.

Yet still!  They don’t always get done.

So what’s the secret?

Make everything sacred. Put it all on the calendar.


You’ll set yourself up for success with your calendar when you book in time for the things you truly care about. Commit to all that you WANT AND NEED to do.

When you schedule your relaxation time and your work time, your meetings and your unstructured time, you begin to use your calendar as a sacred tool, a representation of all that matters to you. Schedule everything that matters to you. Schedule sales calls, meetings, travel. Schedule sleep, meals, self-care. Schedule time for social media scrolling, for the long walk that clears your head, the phone call to your best friend. Schedule your visioning sessions and inspirational conversations. Let your calendar reflect the life you really want to create. By taking action and following your schedule, you will create a life you love.

And then…

Follow your calendar. Period.

At first, this method may sound rigid or boring. But if you really follow it, it will transform your whole life!

If you’re on the fence, ask yourself these questions:

How often do I truly feel I have enough time for…


My hobbies and passions outside the business?

My loved ones?

All the things that nourish and nurture me so I can truly bring my full self to my work?

Do I ever feel guilty or defeated over…

Procrastinating an important task?

Getting tired, burned out, or uninspired?

Being unable to pivot?

Neglecting my personal life because work tasks always seem to take priority?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your answers, try out using your calendar for a week.

Create a new schedule for yourself where everything gets prioritized in just the way you want it.


Good luck and let us know how it goes! We would love to hear your celebrations, insights, and questions.

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