Dominion of Love (Guided Meditation)

I fucking love to meditate. It’s my secret weapon in my business, and one of my favorite activities in my life. 

That doesn’t mean I don’t make up all kinds of reasons not to do it, mind you. I can procrastinate as well as the next person! 

But it’s essential to me, and when I make time for it, I’m blasted from all directions with clarity, truth, love, and relief that always makes me wonder why on earth I don’t do it all damn day. 

That’s why I’m so excited to be sharing this meditation with you today. 

My meditation practice was born of necessity. I loved my work as a public school math teacher – and, it was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was completely overwhelmed by the emotional demands of teaching my students. 

And meditation became my refuge.   

The interesting thing about my particular practice is that it feels like it was GIVEN to me. Like God transmitted directly into my brain, “This is how to meet me.” 

The instructions are very simple: 

Close your eyes.
Go inside.
Find me.
And then we’ll talk. 

The connection feels so immediate, so direct, so consistent. Try it with me

I didn’t know how to talk about it for a long time. 

I’m so used to people asking – what kind of meditation do you practice? 

And I’d get nervous and beat around the bush, not knowing what to call it and feeling like there was something wrong with that, some deficit I had to make up for. 

I still don’t have a name for it. 

It’s very open-ended. It’s improvisational.

And it’s all mine.

My first real meditation teacher guided me in practice every time we met – and it was different every time. He came up with different names for what he was doing, but the truth is, he was following his nose, also. 

So maybe that’s the name of it – the “following the nose” meditation. 

It’s so sweet. I’m not escaping. I’m going inward. I’m touching a truth that’s always there, always present, always real. And then bringing the truth to the surface. 

There are thoughts when I meditate too, of course – it’s not that my mind goes blank. 

It’s that I use my imagination to connect with God. 

I would say that’s what our imaginations are for.

They’re not just for us as children, they’re here for us to vision – and visioning is connecting with God. 

See what I’m talking about when I call it my secret weapon?

I’m super thrilled to be sharing more of my approach to meditation practice on YouTube. I hope you’ll enjoy this first of many: The Dominion of Love. Please let me know what you think!

Love and success, 


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