Choose YOU. There’s still time.

“I didn’t know what Jesse was teaching was an option for me.” – Yamuna Bihari, client of Jesse Johnson Coaching  

Most people don’t. I didn’t either. 

But this is, indeed, an option that YOU can choose: to make as much money as you want, doing exactly what you want, being exactly who you are. 

When I was working in math education in the NYC public schools, I went to see someone who was speaking about her coaching business. She used to be a teacher, like me. And when she said that she had made something like $167,000 in one month I was like… YOU CAN DO THAT?! You can choose THAT? Okay new plan, I pick that now! (That person was Marla Mattenson and she became one of my first and most important coaches.) 

And now that MY business is in the multiple seven figures, I really, really, really want you to understand that it’s an option for you, too. That whatever you want is possible for you. I want all you gifted, creative, powerful, spiritual people to know it, and to understand how to make it happen. 

This video is a celebration of my remarkable clients, and a testament to the process. Their results blow me away. The amazing, beautiful work they were able to do — once they CHOSE THEMSELVES — blows me away. 

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