Transcend the Trap of Binary Thinking for Freedom & Growth

‘I’m whole, or I’m broken.’

‘I’m good, or I’m bad.’

‘I’m wealthy, or I’m broke.’

‘I’m conscious, or I’m unconscious.’


Binary thinking permeates our culture.

As human beings, seekers, spiritual folks, healers – so much of what we are doing here on Earth is:

  • Being confronted with oversimplified duality.
  • Experiencing the contrast of what it feels like to be boxed into those restrictive options.
  • Finding something else that isn’t either one of those things… but could include both.

Today we’re talking about transcending polarities to create an inspired existence!

In this interview with spiritual rockstar Tiffany Carole, we hear what it’s like to…

Move beyond the box of binary thinking; Stop ping-ponging between limitation and eternity; Find a more nuanced, more loving place…

And how this one spiritually mature move helps us co-create enlightened awareness here and now + brings massive growth in every area of our lives!


P.S. The polarity paradigm encourages us to doubt and attack ourselves when we’re on the ‘wrong’ end. Transcending this thinking altogether is part of the teaching and practice of Ending Self Attack. Join me this Wednesday to immerse yourself in the belief, compassion, love, and EXPRESSION of your True Self!

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