Why I Said “Yes” to Coaching

Have you thought about hiring a coach? Maybe you’ve you been tempted to say yes but then backed out.  Hiring a coach can be scary – I know this from experience. I also know that saying “yes” to coaching changed my life. And continuing to say “yes” to coaching has allowed me to build a thriving seven-figure business – and transform the framework of my life.  I hired my first coach when I was teaching […]

Business Coaching for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

I spoke to someone last week about my love of working with spiritual teachers, healers, and transformational guides. Because they want – with every fiber of their being – to be of service in the world. They are MORE than entrepreneurs – they want impact. And this trusted advisor said to me: “We can’t target those people. They don’t invest in themselves. They don’t charge what they are worth. And they’re not serious.” So I […]

Sales as a Spiritual Practice?

Raise your hand if you LOVE sales!!! Anybody? Anyone? I know there are a few of you out there – but if you didn’t immediately put up your imaginary hand, you’re not alone. I love sales now – but I didn’t always. When I started my coaching business, I was focused entirely on working with retreat leaders. It was the perfect way to use both my mastery as a math educator and my passion for […]

Moving Out of the Middle-Class Mindset

Before I started Jesse Johnson Coaching, I taught high school algebra to inner city students in NYC public schools. I became a teacher because I thought dedicating my life to working with a population of people who I knew had been disenfranchised was the solution to systemic racism in our country, and I wanted to have a big impact at that level. So I worked harder and harder, thinking if I continued to put in […]

3 Ways to Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

Have you ever heard the phrase “lack mindset”? It’s a pretty basic Law of Attraction concept that translates to this… If you think there’s not enough of something, there won’t be enough of it – at least, not for you. You simply won’t see it – and once you form a habit of thinking that way, you’ll just keep proving scarcity right, over and over again. The bad news is, it’s built into the middle-class […]