What Do Sex and Success Have in Common?

If you’re anything like me, you know there’s a connection between sex and success – and you want to know more! Every month in my group program “The Success Sessions,” I invite a special guest to join us to speak about their definition of success. Our guests include millionaire business owners, advisors to Oprah, PR mavens, relationship gurus, and powerful spiritual teachers. Each is an expert in their field, and powerful in (seemingly) every aspect […]

What It Means to Be Successful in Business

I was recently asked to weigh in as an expert on the definition of true success – and here’s what I shared with them: Success is a very personal word, and it means something different to everyone. In fact, I think the first feature of success is that YOU are the one who defines it. No one else’s opinion matters. Every month in my group program, The Success Sessions, I invite a guest to join […]

Money vs Impact – YOU Decide

“God wants those who can play music to have pianos and every other instrument, and to have the means to cultivate their talents to the fullest extent; He wants those who can appreciate beauty to be able to surround themselves with beautiful things; He wants those who can discern truth to have every opportunity to travel and observe; He wants those who can appreciate dress to be beautifully clothed, and those who can appreciate good […]

3 Ways to Leverage Your Time at Conferences and Workshops

If your schedule looks anything like mine, workshops, trainings, and live events are coming in full swing – in numbers too great to count! It’s exciting and can be overwhelming! When you do choose an event to attend, I want to help you to receive, share, network, and above all leverage your time. These are the kinds of questions my clients bring to me regularly when attending, speaking, and sponsoring at conferences and workshops: How […]

4 Ways to Become More Positive About Money

A few years ago, I was a high school math teacher – so I know that numbers are truly traumatic for most people. And that’s without even bringing money into the proverbial equation. So many of us struggle to feel at ease with numbers and money – and I’m absolutely dedicated to helping people get truly free and empowered around BOTH. Here are four concrete steps you can take that will get you more comfortable […]