How to Survive (and Thrive) During Mercury Retrograde

I often hear this question: 

How do I move through Mercury Retrograde with ease and grace?   

That’s because my network is full of conscious, tuned in people like you, who are highly aware that it’s happening (three times a year!) and that it affects them. 

As you may know, Mercury Retrograde is an astrological phenomenon in which Mercury appears to move “backward” in its orbit around the sun from our perspective here on Earth. So Mercury’s clear, forward-moving energy — which is a kind of lubricant for all the gears of our lives — is less available to us during this time. Or life seems to be working in reverse. This manifests as issues and frustrations with communication, travel, technology, contracts, and all the small details of life. Your car breaks down, your computer freezes up, your flight is delayed, you fight with your partner, your private email goes out to the whole company. Sound familiar? 

When we ignore it, attempt to muscle through it, or despair about it, generally things go even worse.

So what is the most empowered way to work with this common, yet infamous, transit? 

My take is this: with all respect, blessings, and deep acknowledgement of its planetary power… we say, “Please get out of my way, Mercury!” 

See, I believe we can honor major events that impact our lives, recognize their divinely guided reality, make the effort to work with them – and still take 100 percent responsibility for our own experience. To do this requires a deep – but simple – spiritual practice. 

Before I share my approach to this, I’d like to acknowledge the traditional advice. Many astrological guides will suggest that the best approach is to respect the impact of Mercury’s position and not try to begin new things, move too quickly, or ‘push through’ during this time. That can be a  great start, because this approach can lend itself to more conscious use of your energy, more advanced planning, and stronger compassion. Plus, instead of being frustrated by the inconvenience, you can chalk up delays and confusions to Mercury and relax.  

But I believe there’s a more powerful and effective approach we can take… which allows us to transcend any negative impact we may perceive during Mercury’s backward dance across the sky. 

Here are my Top Three Advanced Tips for smooth sailing through Mercury Retrograde. 

  1. Use your mindset to your advantage: remember that everything is here to help you – and let the conflicts and annoyances and inconveniences prompt you to go deeper into this understanding. Stay curious about how every experience is bringing you more of what you need and want – even if it’s in disguise. Expect incredible things.
  2. Take full responsibility for your life, experience and results: remove blame from Mercury AND yourself. Don’t use Mercury as a cop out – people create all kinds of incredible things during Mercury retrograde and you can too. If you have a desire to be, do, or have something, don’t let Mercury stop you.
  3. Invoke the shelter of the divine. The truth is that you are more powerful than any planet because you are directly connected to the source that CREATED those same planets. Claim your power and free yourself of Mercury’s impact altogether. This doesn’t mean muscling through or pretending Mercury doesn’t exist – it’s about freeing yourself of your unconscious submission to Mercury’s power and claiming your own. 

In my opinion, we want to do more than just “move through” Mercury retrograde – we want to be free, to be independent! We want to honor Mercury and let it do its thing – as we do our thing. Here lies a grand opportunity for your personal empowerment. 

When you truly surrender to that power which is even greater than the planets – that which created the planets, that force or energy beyond all things material – then you can take shelter of that power and remove yourself from the influence of all matter, all material forms. With the genuine shelter of the divine, I don’t need to succumb to the challenge of the planets. 

Of course, sometimes Mercury Retro is just a beast, and you can’t seem to get on top. In that case, ride the wave and get excited – something great is coming!

During the last MR, I had a very difficult experience at the doctor. My appointment took three times as long as I expected and the news I got was annoying. I was frustrated and angry – not my best moment. 

As I left, I walked through the waiting room and there before me sits Mark Hamill. That’s right: Luke Skywalker himself. 

Also angry. 

Also frustrated. 

And I was ready to lay down at his feet: my hero. In the flesh. 

It literally made my week to see him, no matter how irascible.

I’d give way more than a two-hour doctor’s appointment to have that opportunity again. 

My prayer is that Mercury Retrograde is so joyful, easeful, that maybe you don’t even notice it’s happening. And if you do, that you can locate the source of your own patience. Trust yourself, allow for a slowing down, and receive the lessons and blessings of what’s happening. The truth is: when the planets are in different positions, different things become possible.

 In the end, everything is here to help you! You never know what fun events might transpire. 

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