3 Modes of Creation in Your Business

You can change by running away from something, or you can change by running toward something.  

The action – on the surface – is the same. But the energy beneath is quite different, because one is coming from vision, from expansion, desire, enthusiasm, gratitude.  

The other one is coming from fear.  

I know all of you are running in the direction of something more. More impact, more visibility, more integration, more love.

The question is – are you running from the place of power and vision?  Or are you still propelled forward by the thing you’re afraid of?

The truth is,  it’s actually much harder to create from vision. I was recently talking to one of my primary mentors about it, and I was shocked when she pointed this out! But it makes sense – If your life is great… if you don’t really need anything to change… it can be harder to access that urgency, that fuel supply. 

It really got me thinking.

And it led me to a revolutionary new framework for creation that I am so excited to share with you. It feels very direct, very powerful, and very helpful. That’s what this YouTube Live is all about. 

We dig into teachings that are deep and esoteric, but still accessible – all based in Indian philosophy. I take you through the three main Modes of Creation to help you understand where you’re currently creating from. And, most importantly, how you can use this ancient wisdom in your modern material context to create from the most joyful, effective, and satisfying place possible. The place that will allow you to create exactly what you’ve envisioned.

Click here to watch! 

Love and Success, 



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