Prioritizing Happiness: The Way of Wealth Podcast featuring Ken Blackman

Ken Blackman is not only a dear friend, but has been a very important coach in my life and I’m so thrilled to introduce him to you.

In this podcast, Ken shares a powerful lesson about the dangers of trying to take the reins and force things to happen in your life. He has a deep understanding that the universe desires to give you more than what you believe is possible for yourself. In order to receive these gifts, you must let go of your own expectations so you can receive more.

In this interview, we discuss the power of personal responsibility to transform everything in your life, from business to relationship, the importance of prioritizing happiness… and the importance of looking for the deeper reason behind why you’re searching for whatever you’re searching for – and going straight to that.

This message brings a lot of comfort and peace to all of us, especially those who are struggling to get where they want to be right now. 

Ken’s passion topic these days is how women’s empowerment intersects with intimate coupledom. A former Apple software engineer turned international sex and intimacy educator turned relationship coach, Ken is in his 20th year helping couples bond, have great sex, thrive, and live happily ever after.

His work has garnered mentions in Cosmo, Playboy, Business Insider, and Tim Ferriss’s 4-Hour series. His upcoming book is titled Powerful Woman Confident Man.

You’re going to love this one. <3

Check it out now.

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