How to Land Clients by Being Yourself

Relinquishing your own sovereignty is devastating. And betraying yourself so others will like you not only sucks, it’s dangerous. Eventually you get confused about who you even are. With everyone else’s curated lives on display before our eyes 24/7, there’s so much capacity to fall into someone else’s sense of authenticity.

In order to be who we really are, we have to claim our sovereignty. We have to be so clear about who we are that we don’t give the haters a second of our energy. And we have to be okay with it when people don’t like us. Because OUR people are going to love us … but, only if we let them. Only if we show them the truth of who we are. 

We have to be willing to share ourselves with total honesty.

To do that, we have to release our codependency.

Then we become lightning rods for what (and who) we truly want to bring into our experience. 

This video will teach you how.

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