Radical Expression: The Success Sessions with The Brothers Koren

This episode of The Success Sessions is everything if you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or human being longing to embody and express your true self in the world. 

I’m talking with Isaac and Thorald Koren – revolutionaries of the music world. 

The Brothers Koren experienced firsthand how restrictive the music industry was to their expression, and after 15 years they knew they wanted to redefine the landscape. They launched their own writer/producer team as an experiment in finding value without rules. Now, through development of The Songwriter’s Journey, they are helping others reclaim the music they abandoned to do the same.

We talk about it all – the power of deep listening, their journey of success in the music world, walking away from it all in order to find their fullest creative expression, dropping into the source and sharing  yourself without context or expectation. Radical authenticity, radical expression. 

Spoiler, the best part is you get an impromptu performance of their brilliant music, gorgeous voices, and heavenly harmonies. It is a transcendental experience.   

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