Cold Calling As Spiritual Practice?!

This video gets straight to the point! I’m going to teach you how to stop being afraid of cold calling

We cover three main topics:

  1. The importance of cold calling 
  2. Why we’re so terrified to do it  
  3. How to get over those fears and create true financial freedom 

As you’re likely aware – there’s no business without sales. If you don’t know where the money will come from this month, cold calls will resolve that. And the confidence that you know how to cold call will give you financial freedom because you know that even if the internet breaks, or your whole business structure needs to shift, you have the foundational skillset to bring money in. 

What does sales have to do with spiritual practice?

For me, sales is always spiritual. It requires that I work through my core material; that I become so skilled at sitting with my big, uncomfortable emotions and triggers that I can sit with other people’s. The process of doing cold calls will give you confidence and resilience in EVERY aspect of your life. It will teach you to break codependencies and cultivate an unapologetic sense of honesty and self-expression. 

This is the heart of my business – it’s not just about making money, it’s about being your FULL self, all the time. 

Check out the video to learn more and receive a helpful gift – my guided worksheet to unblock your fear and dive into your calls with confidence and joy. <3 

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