It’s Okay to Want What You Want

A key to the process of creation is that you gotta let yourself WANT what you want. You gotta feel it. 

In the video below, my client Kate LaBrosse reveals the truth of her wanting, along with what happened when she genuinely embraced her desires. She shares what it feels like to unapologetically own her desires,without explanation or compromise…to have, be, do, and experience what I really want…not some watered-down palatable f-ing version of what I want. 

If you’re ready to sink into the reality of what YOU want, take a few deep breaths and soak in this meditation: 

A Meditation on Desire 

Connect to the sensation of desire in your body. 

Where in your body do you feel that desire? 

What is the color or temperature or intensity of that feeling, that sensation? 

What does your desire look like, sound like, feel like in your body today? 

Let yourself connect with it, really feel it. Your desire is your human life force. 

It’s the seed of expansion in you. It’s the seed of loving service, it’s the seed of growth, it’s the seed of joy. 

All that you do for that world, all that you do for the people that you love, all that you do for yourself – it begins here. Your desire is like a guiding light, directing you always towards that which is best for you – and best for all those you know – because there is nothing better for the people that you touch than for you to manifest what you want in this lifetime.

Take it up one more level: imagine some of those things that you want being real. Imagine having them and feel the joy, the pleasure, the excitement, the confidence that comes with that having. Feel the awe, appreciation, and love that actually having those things, places, experiences will bring to your life.

And then live in that sweet anticipation that it’s coming. 

It’s coming. 

Just for you. 

Everything that you want. 

Feel how good you having these things is going to be for the world. Feel that truth in your body – you lighting up, you filling up, you manifesting, you calling to you all that you want – how powerful that makes you, what a channel that makes you. A channel of love and a channel of joy for the people that you connect with, so just being around you lights people up – just thinking of you lights people up – it amplifies their joy and love.


If you don’t want just “okay” anymore, watch this interview and learn the brilliant realizations (and manifestations) that came along with Kate’s story.  

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