How to Make High-End Sales Using Two Core Principles

How do people make big changes? 

It requires decision and action. First, they have to make a conscious choice. Then they have to do something that demonstrates their commitment to that choice. When your clients are saying yes to making a big change in their lives, paying you is them committing. Putting a deposit down is the action that makes it real. 

They don’t know that. Part of your mastery as a salesperson, healer, coach, teacher guide, etc. is that you have knowledge of the transformational process. It’s your job to help your people take action! And it happens for the first time when they pay. 

Instead of saying they’re going to do something different… they’ve DONE something different.  

When they pay you for it, they’re saying yes to change in themselves. A different kind of life. Saying yes to dreams, to what’s possible. They’re saying yes to themselves. 

And in order to help them do it, the Very Important Truth that you need to understand, that you need to KNOW in your bones is this… 

Anyone can pay. 

Check out the video for the full teaching on what this means, and how it works! You’ll learn how to make High-End Sales that are in service and integrity using two simple principles. 

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