Treat yourself like a millionaire

“When I wasn’t allowing myself this level of luxury, I felt very misaligned… like I was intentionally keeping myself small, in situations that made me feel unsupported. Not aligning with the level of luxury and surroundings and support that I need was a lie.”

  • Amina AlTai

Today I’m sharing a sweet, vulnerable, funny, and powerful conversation with my superstar client, on the vital importance of giving yourself what you need to feel supported.

Amina tells the story of how and why she realized that investing in a 5-Star hotel as her home was the right thing for her. She made this decision without knowing how she was going to pay for it… and discovered in the process that the money is always there.

“I saved myself,” is how she describes it.

It may look different for everyone, the way we allow ourselves the support and surroundings that we truly need to thrive. But the key finding here applies to ALL of us. The first step is to stop telling yourself the lie that you can’t have what you want (and need, for growth)!

Watch the video to hear the whole beautiful, inspirational story. Especially if you’re saying to yourself, this doesn’t apply to me or I’m not in the same category as Jesse’s clients… It does, and you are. Promise. 😉 Amina explains exactly why!

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