Ditch Your Life Raft

We’ve all experienced trauma in our lives. 

Our natural response to trauma is to protect ourselves. To change our way of showing up in the world. Our capacity to do this is one of our areas of brilliance as human beings. The fact that we’re able to protect ourselves in this way is incredible. It’s how we’re able to survive. 


We’re not meant to stay there. 

The most poignant metaphor I have for this comes from Life of Pi. Whether you’ve seen the movie or read the book or not, it provides a clear story of what can happen after the tragedies we experience. The “life rafts” that we use to escape and how they keep us alive. The reality that we can’t get ourselves to step off of the raft, even when we’ve reached the shore. And how we overcome this. 

Watch this video for a deeper teaching around having the courage to become free from your life raft.  

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