5 Key Principles to Achieve Sustainable Growth in Your Business

There are five really important principles you need to know in order to build a 7-figure business and keep it sustainable:

  1. Welcome the breakdowns. They are inevitable. You cannot do anything to prevent them! Claiming the life of your dreams doesn’t mean that you’ll never have those moments. Whether you tank yourself or sustain your success and keep growing is all about how you respond to those breakdowns. (And guess what happens after breakdowns, y’all…)
  2. Prioritize what feels good. Set boundaries on what doesn’t. We are culturally trained to self-sacrifice, and accept less than what we want. When it comes to sustaining 7-figures in your business, it is your responsibility to raise the standard on your alignment, pleasure, and joy in every choice you make.
  3. Take Fast Action. When you know things, you need to take immediate action on them. When you realize something’s not working, you take action to change it — right away. When you realize that you want to do a particular type of work, or you need to bring some more money into the business. You do something about it. TODAY.
  4. Claim your power. Every day, all day. This is a moment-to-moment practice and decision. It is the one thing you can’t take a break from, ever. Don’t worry, it actually feels really good!! To be your true, big, powerful self all the time. To be a CEO – you have got to play the role of Boss, every day, all day.
  5. Stay true to your vision. You’re here to effect radical, system-level change. You’re here to literally transform the way people think, the way people show up in the world. The nature of your work is revolutionary. That means the systems and structures that you build into your business are going to be, too. You can’t follow someone else’s rules for how to do things; nobody has ever built a business like the one you’re going to build.

There’s more here for you! My complete teaching on these five principles is in the video. Don’t sleep on this one – not doing any one of these five things can break your business pretty fast!

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