Adversity is a Catalyst for Agency

Just a few weeks ago, I was honored to receive a request to speak on a TEDx stage in India. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that my talk is being featured on the “main stage” – the website

The talk is called Adversity is a catalyst for agency.

It’s a very vulnerable share – and I speak about motherhood, race, and the potential we have to build a world in which all people win. The story of how it was produced is inspiring too – from invite to upload to the website, we wrote the talk and produced this epic video in less than three weeks. 

Ya’ll. We can do anything. This talk is proof.  And I’m inviting you to be part of our launch in real-time by watching it right now. 

Then, share far and wide with anybody who will benefit from hearing it! <3

Here’s why I’m so excited to get this one out to the world: 

The content of the talk is epic and inspiring.
It empowers people to understand the role of adversity and to claim their own power to choose in the face of even the most dire struggles. It’s a call to action to know that adversity doesn’t have to dominate our lives, and to actively choose to use adversity in a way that serves our individual visions, and those of the wider world. I talk about some radical things – it’s gonna shake things up.   

The talk is an example of what’s possible in contemporary speaking engagements.
My team and I are excited to demonstrate that talks can be beautiful, artistic, and authentic – and inspire others to innovate! There’s room for this kind of creativity, and TED obviously agrees, or else they wouldn’t have put us up so fast! 

The process through which we made this talk is revolutionary – and sets a new standard for what’s possible for people. The request to create this talk came to me just weeks ago – I had zero plans for this. Today, it’s complete and it is available on a platform with 16 million viewers. 


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