Empower your clients with pricing boundaries

When I started selling my first program, I was real nervous about dropping the price in a sales call. 

Will anyone pay this? 

Will they see the value? 

The cost was 3k. 

The first couple of sales calls I had were with people I’d worked with before. I thought I had found a way to hack my pricing discomfort – I offered it to them for half to make it an easy yes. This way I knew I could really own it. What a steal! 

They both said no. 

I decided right then I would never do that again.  If they’re gonna say no to the best deal ever, then why lower the price, ever? I’m going to charge what I’m going to charge! 

Thank GOD they said no. I learned that no matter the price, some people will say no. So what? 

When you stand in the truth that you are unconditionally worthy in every moment, you don’t pull on anyone else to prove to you that you are enough.

You don’t need to alter your boundaries for anyone. That includes your pricing. 

Holding your pricing boundaries empowers everyone. Whether or not they choose to pay what you’re charging has nothing to do with your worthiness, or theirs. 

Can you feel the freedom of not needing to change anything in order to make them feel worthy, in order to make them feel loved? You are not responsible for that. You are free and they are free. You are powerful and they are powerful. You get to shine as brightly as you want to shine and so do they. You get to receive infinite support, infinite love, infinite attention, infinite resources, infinite abundance and so do they. 

If you’re meant to work together, you will. 

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