The Intersection of Social Justice, Entrepreneurship, and Spirituality

Today I’m sharing one of my all-time favorites – a conversation with Rha Goddess, my dear friend and mentor. It’s every bit as relevant as the day we recorded it two years ago to dovetail with her incredible book, The Calling. There were some deep conversations I was yearning for that seemed to be missing from the entrepreneur space, and Rha was – and is – having those conversations.  

Rha works at the intersection of social justice, entrepreneurship, and spirituality. She is talking about race, activism, artistry, money, the soul’s calling… and the list goes on. 

In every single moment, I want to be able to show up in the fullness of myself – so I can bring all of what I’m supposed to bring, and receive all of what I’m supposed to receive.” -RG

Plus, my latest podcast appearance is out now! It’s called ‎NÜ EARTH with Nixie Marie: Shifting our Collective Relationship to Money with Jesse Johnson 

We talk about… 

  • Dismantling the systems of poverty
  • Wealth as a tool for activism
  • Letting your desire guide you
  • Getting into relationship with “your number”
  • How to let money be your guide
  • Building a new economy

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