A Whole Mindset Reset in Under Two Minutes

Every time you feel fear, doubt, or insecurity creep in, every time you hear the voice of self-judgment, even if you believe it, try telling yourself this:  

It doesn’t matter.
I’m an instrument of God.
God is the one doing this work THROUGH me.

As an example, a client recently said that she was “starting from scratch.”  This was my recommended response to the part of her that was telling her it’s a problem.

“You know what – you’re f$cking right. I’m starting from scratch. And it doesn’t matter. I am an instrument of God. God is doing this work through me. I don’t have to know anything I don’t know. I just gotta show up and listen, and not fall into the trap of trying to be the supreme controller.”

If God gave you the vision, then God’s got your back. “God’s will, God’s bill” as one member of my team likes to say. It’s really not about what you can see on the surface.

What does starting from scratch even mean? There’s no money coming into the business? Well, you can measure how much money is in your bank account right now, but HOW MUCH IS COMING IN IS A DECISION. And you make that decision moment to moment.

Right before I had my first sale, I did not have money coming in. But I had decided that it was coming in. Then I made a sale. The money came in. Right before I had my first 200k month, I was not making that kind of money. I knew that I would because I had decided. And I did.

Of course, I took action to meet those goals, but I only knew which action to take because I was working in collaboration with the divine. I knew my vision would be created through me because it was bigger than me.


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