How I Help People Make More Money Than They’ve Ever Made

I’ve had the huge honor of collaborating with Elena Brower, a beautiful transformational leader, teacher, and a dear friend of mine. When I was a guest speaker in her container, we bridged the topics of money and spirituality in a way that felt so deep and authentic it was a dream come true for me. 

In this session, I shared how I helped an extraordinary client (who was one of my own spiritual teachers!) make as much money in a month as they had typically made in a year. 

Understandably, Elena wanted to know exactly how I had done that. 

“Brass tacks,” she said. “Tell me.”

The concrete answer is actually really simple. 

  1. I helped them think about how they really wanted to work and stop compromising. 
  2. I helped them price it in a way that would feel really honoring, as well as scare them. 
  3. I guided them through having conversations around the upgraded work and pricing with clients and potential clients. 

One of their biggest wins was moving through the fear of telling the new price to an old client. It was a massive expansion in every way – a much higher level of commitment, a very significant price increase. 

The old client said YES. Then they paid in full and thanked my client. 

When you go all in on being you, and serving in the way that you uniquely are here to serve… Everyone who’s meant to be in your container is even more excited to get inside your work. You get to make it how you want it. And when you’re an entrepreneur aiming for multiple 6 or 7-figures, you need to make it how you want it! Compromise and self-sacrifice won’t get you there. 


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