My Spiritual Clients Make More Money Than Most People on the Planet

Jesse, you have harnessed so many human’s abilities to see their earning potential, even if they teach or offer some sort of spiritual guidance, care, creativity. Please talk about that. -Elena Brower

I only work with those kinds of people. 

ESPECIALLY if you are offering transformation, especially if you are facilitating containers, spaces, platforms where people go deeper, love more, get free – you should be paid more.

My clients make more money than most people on the planet. As spiritual teachers, guides, healers, leaders, and artists. 

I just don’t think there’s anything more important for the world.

I’ll ask you the same thing I asked Elena’s community. Let’s try it on. How cool would it be if the thing we think is the most important for the world… is also the most highly compensated?

This is what I do.


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