How to break through suffering (the law of polarity)

In the early days of my career, I was unhappy.

And I thought that was an exclusively BAD thing. I thought it was one hundred percent bummer to be so mad and frustrated and disappointed, wanting more and not seeing it happen.

When I look back on it now, I understand that the extent of my frustration, the intensity of my impatience, and the extremity of my anger were an indication of what I’m experiencing in my business NOW. 

The total opposite. 

Full expression, joy, fulfillment, expansion, and love.

I was already feeling the promise of what was coming, though I couldn’t even imagine it yet. And the frustration was a reflection of that gap. The anger was a reflection of how much more was here for me, that I wasn’t yet saying yes to.

This is the law of polarity, and it’s what allows us to actually use our suffering to finally breakthrough. 

Everything is two things. Whatever is in front of you has a non-material side that hasn’t come into form yet. When we are in the heat of our most intensely challenging emotions – when our world feels like it’s falling apart – those are the moments when (if we can wake up inside them) we can choose to know  that there is a promise of more. That amount, that intensity of feeling… but in the OPPOSITE FLAVOR. It’s here, waiting for us. Knocking at the door.

Are you listening????

When we’re in the contrast moment, there is always a polar energy. What’s right in front of us that we don’t want, and what’s waiting for us on the flip side that we do want.

When you’re in that situation you can choose to temporarily create the space to feel other things. Not to spiritually bypass, not to pretend what’s there doesn’t exist. Just to let yourself step back far enough in that moment to actually see what else is there for you.

Compare it to this – if you always spend your time with one person, but you know they’re not the person for you in the long term. Say you’re waiting to meet your soul mate, the love of your life. But you spend all your nights with people you know are not good for you. You’re filling up the space where your actual person could come in!

So. Just for a moment – you can disassociate yourself from the experience you feel stuck in. Open up your vision and look around. What else might be here? This is why meditation is so helpful, you can go inward and investigate: what else is going on?

Everything is two things.

You have contrast in your life right this moment. Even if you’re having the most blissful day, you can find some.

Feel the truth of one thing that feels like “not it.” A place where you don’t yet have what you want.

Crank up the volume on it.

Let yourself feel those feelings. It’s important. Let them be as loud and as expressed as you want. Let yourself sing that song.

And then let the song of the contrast take you into possibility.

What experience is this pointing toward?

Because it is here RIGHT NOW.


Today I’m including a bonus that’s relevant to these teachings; it will help you take the work deeper and fully apply it to your business. How to be a spiritual entrepreneur.

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