How do you define success as an artist?

A massive highlight of celebrating WOMEN this month, for me, has been shouting out my friend Jahnavi Harrison. Both because I love her so much and because she is such an inspiration. With total service and integrity, this woman’s devotional art has brought her into the realm of celebrity; she is touching a particular frame of success that not everybody gets to connect with. 

I was honored to learn from her in this conversation. I wanted to know – 

What is success to you, now? 

Here’s what she shared. 

“I think some people are the type to be always in a state of fluidity around these ideas. At least, that’s how I feel I am; maybe it’s an artistic trait. You’re always examining it and negotiating with it, viewing it from different angles. For the quintessential artist in me, there’s success in expressing myself with honesty, with integrity, in service, and devotion. Whatever I’m able to realize in my practice and then offer through my artistic creation, that for me is success. That it touches someone’s life, that it inspires somebody. And the more, the better. 

I didn’t always think I was the person who should be giving a message to the world, but I grew up… with a desire to spread conscious awareness of relationship with the Divine, with God, with our own spirituality in the world. To be in service in people’s life in that way, through the mediums of art and music and writing, is success to me. 

Performing my dharma, my work, that fulfills me and I know that by that medium I can serve others – that is success. 

As an artist, I find it hard to visualize what exactly I want to do with ‘success”’ – it’s going to come as I move along, it’s going to become evident as long as I stay present in each moment, and make decisions that feel aligned.”  

You can get more of Jahnavi (and her music!) here:


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