The Counterintuitive Secret to Success

My friend and coach Rha Goddess recently said this to me and it hit me hard.  

Most people are in the throes of success, believing we are failing.” 

Imagine what would be true if you believed THAT statement. 

We live in a society of people-pleasers. People are asking us to follow the program and please them left and right because it’s the dominant paradigm. This can make it hard to see where we’re succeeding, failing, or “selling out” unless we’re crystal clear on the true context of our work. 

My work with clients these days is about supporting them in being exactly who and what they are at all costs. 

Showing up as exactly who they are is what makes bank. 

They thrive if they give themselves permission to do it on their own terms. 

They quit otherwise. 

Selling out isn’t just what the mainstream demands. We do it to ourselves when we believe that we have to choose between a business we love and a business that thrives. When we believe we have to give up fun in order to be successful. And when our practicality drives out our authenticity. It’s not the selling out that has happened because we’ve been told to sell out by the outside; it’s the selling out that we’ve internalized because we think it’s a requirement. It’s incredibly painful to live that way – as not ourselves – and at the same time, it’s terrifying to let ourselves be seen as the full truth of who we are. 

It’s so esoteric and so edgy to live full-on unapologetically as yourself. It requires a level of faith that is really scary for people. 

All of us are navigating this challenge. 

There’s a dilemma in our faith as spiritual folks, as conscious folks, as religious folks. No matter what our approach to the relationship with God, there is a theme, right now in 2022, where we’re examining what it means to spiritually bypass vs. live in full authenticity. 

We’ve learned it’s essential to acknowledge our grief, our anger, our trauma. We can’t cover that up, we can’t meditate or pray our way through it. We can’t just say, “Well, it was all by God’s design” and then be done.

If our faith is exclusively based on creating relief in the form of escape, we’re not going deeper. It seems obvious, but it’s really showing up in all of us. The way things hide out for us NOW, in our spiritual lives, requires us to be extremely vigilant. 

We have to get in there with a flashlight and a magnifying glass and hunt for the traps that are hiding out in the corners of our faith. 

I don’t believe that anyone else is doing what I’m doing in this way. 

I’m renouncing formulas, I’m renouncing scripts. 

In the process, what’s happening is deeply humanizing, deeply sustainable, and truly worthy of our attention and our work.  

Be sure to watch the entire video for the powerful full teaching on authenticity, bypassing, what selling out really means, and how to find miraculous success by being who you are. 


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