The only thing required to make the big $$$ leap [you’ll like it]

What is the work that I guide my clients through? 

What is the work that I know my colleagues and peers have gone through?

It is the work of becoming themselves. 

Being your TRUEST self is the portal to jumping paradigms with ease and grace in any area of your life, especially money. This is what’s really required to make the big leap… to become the person that you fantasize about being. 

It’s how I went from being a math teacher in NYC schools to a 7-figure coach living my dreams. I became who I actually am, and stopped being who I’m not. In a world where we are deeply conditioned by culture, parents, history, ancestry, this is a huge feat, and an ongoing one.

It is our birthright to be ourselves, of course. But the actual experience of that can feel so naked, so unprotected and so dangerous. Both because it’s vulnerable and because at some point along the way, we were told NOT to be ourselves. Otherwise, we would be already.

It is totally possible to live someone else’s role, someone else’s life, someone else’s paradigm. 

It’s just not good for you. 

It’s not necessary, and it’s not beneficial to the world. 

If we each lived our own Dharma and that alone, all of the things that are currently plaguing the world would be transformed. 

The world needs who YOU are. 

Watch the entire video to get this transmission y’all. 

I’ll talk you through the necessary pieces for putting this deep work into action, step-by-step, today. 


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