Paying More is the Gift, Your Leap to the Next Level

I KNOW that I will make back every single dollar that I invest in myself. Tenfold. If not a hundred.

I trust money.
I trust myself.
I trust my teachers.
I trust their prices.

That’s how I choose to show up in the world.
If I don’t feel good about paying someone what they’re asking, what their value is, I shouldn’t be working with them. If I know I’m meant to work with them but their prices make me uncomfortable, then I know I’m ready for an uplevel.

I feel really good about the high-end prices that I have paid for coaching. It’s exactly how I moved so fast in my business. It’s also why I charge what I charge; I know it works.

In this conversation with powerhouse spiritual entrepreneur Tiffany Carole (who is also one of my most successful clients of all time!!) we talk about why paying more is the gift.

‘I realized recently there’s a cultural norm that if you want to do somebody a favor, you charge them less. I give my friends deals all the time in my essential oil business; it feels good, like I’m showing love that way.

I love to negotiate, so when I first hired Jesse, I tried to strike up a deal.

She said really simply, I don’t do that in this container. The reason why is in service to you.

And I really felt the truth of that.

At certain levels of development, the kindest, most wonderful thing that could happen to a person could be to get a scholarship, a discount on something. That allows them to receive what they need.

At another level, where there is more complexity, and there has been more asking of the person from the universe… then the most radically powerful gift that could be given to that person is to charge a high price and invite the person into that!

That’s actually the gift. Not a discount.

When you experience it, it makes so much sense.’

-Tiffany Carole,

Watch the full video for a collaborative transmission around the empowerment that comes from paying people what they’re worth, and charging your own full value.


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