A Life Changing Practice, but First Make it a Habit

You are standing at a fork in the road. 

We all are.

Anytime you’re thinking of making a change in your life, anytime you’re growing and transforming, there are two paths you can choose. The one you’re already traveling on, and the one that will take you where you really want to go. 

It’s not always obvious. 

Our subconscious makes noise to obscure the truth from us because it doesn’t want us to change. 

So the fork in the road is hard to perceive on our own. 

We only see one path, one possibility, and it isn’t what we want. 

If you find yourself getting stuck in negativity… that’s actually showing you your crossroads. 

I believe in welcoming all feelings, truths, and experiences. 

If something is negative, you can let that be true – it’s not about bypassing. 

AND – my own willingness to take something that I experienced as negative (like hearing NO from a client I really want to work with) and USE it for my growth has done something incredible for me. 

The negative feeling brings you to the place where you’re being asked… 

What will you do next? 

Here’s the life-changing reframe, habit, practice –

Anytime you are having a negative feeling about something, ask yourself:
-Am I going to stay in my love?
-Will I use this to leave my center and move away from love?
Will I choose to love more, or less, based on this experience? 

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