All Success Requires is Your Devotion

My clients experience exponential financial growth all the way into the millions. People often look at this and think: “That’s for them, not me.”

Maybe you’ve done this – you believe there’s something “different” about highly successful people – they must be special, more connected, more talented or savvy somehow and that’s why this works for them and not you.

Here’s the truth: If you WANT to make big money by sharing your gifts, it’s because you are MEANT to do so and you CAN.

All your success requires is your undistracted devotion.

Today we’re sharing Part 3 of an interview series with my friend and exponentially successful client Tiffany Carole. I wanted to share these conversations with you for a few reasons…

For one, Tiffany is the gorgeous embodiment of surplus, authenticity, wholeness, wealth, and creativity. Last year she brought in over a million dollars. As a teacher, author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Two or three months into our work together, she made 183k in one month (after averaging 10-12k).

In this conversation, we talk about how that happened… and why you can do it too, whatever your version of success may look like.

Tiffany: I had been consistently bringing in 10-12k per month. When I said yes [to coaching with you] the first month was over 40k. The next month was more than that; it just continued to escalate. In 2021 the business grossed just over 1 million. Which is JUST SO COOL.

Jesse: Here’s my memory of you… You were uncomfortable, and you could smile at the same time. You were being asked to radically transform your relationship to everything – money, your business, guidance, God… very, very quickly. And you had enough trust in yourself, enough trust in God, in your practice, to allow grace in. 

Your lightness, your potency comes through because it includes all of who you are. It includes the discomfort, the fear, the risk, the anxiety of being perceived as greedy. It is with all of that you still find a way to prioritize your unconditional connection to Source and self. 

Watch the full video.
It’s juicy.

P.S. My breakthrough program, MISSION, begins next week. This is the work that up until now, I’ve exclusively only done with one-on-one clients; it is a huge part of what people hire me to help them do. It’s the root of your business that creates the foundation for exponential money growth – in alignment with your soul.

Interested, but have questions? My team is here for you. 

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