Motherhood & Running a Business

We’re celebrating LIFE through art for my birthday this week! In honor of my greatest gift, baby Kanai, and the initiation into motherhood, my team created this stunning short film. 

It’s gorgeous. It makes me cry every time I watch it – the message is so so important to me.

When Sri and I decided that we wanted to get pregnant, we knew we wanted the paradigm of this family to be win-win. What was good for our baby would be good for us. What was good for us would be good for him. 

What would it look like for parenting to be easy?
What would it look like, for running my company and being a very present mom, to be easy? 

It’s not trivial – in fact it feels effing revolutionary. I fight it regularly, and have to return to the meditation: where is ease here? 

And it’s always simpler than I think to find the ease. 

My whole business has restarted since Kanai was born. We’ve fired, people quit, we’ve hired and then fired again. (Team has DEFINITELY been demanding more of us!) We’ve changed plans, rebuilt programs, started some things from scratch so they’re built correctly. I’ve been annoyed about it A BUNCH. I’ve been frustrated and impatient and disappointed. 

All that adversity on the table (which by the way is totally normal for any business) has tempted me to think that it can’t be easy. It has tried to convince me that my business has to suffer because I’m a mom now… or the other way around. 

It’s demanding a huge upgrade in my consciousness to CHOOSE to use these moments to go deeper. What I keep finding are all the opportunities to do life and business better – with more alignment, clarity, love, service, scale. With more excellence, not less. With more presence, not less. With more integrity, not less. With more honesty and ease. With more grace and joy.

We are meant to do LIFE with more consciousness and devotion. It is challenging to do that with kids – and that challenge calls us to a higher standard of alignment and resonance with ourselves. 

Whether we are parents or not, everything in our life is a portal for more depth, more meaning, more service, more contribution, more receiving, more healing, more money.

The challenges that arise -> —> those are arrows pointing in the direction of healing. 

What challenges are currently BLESSING your life?
How can you lean in and use those opportunities to create your biggest dreams and desires?


P.S. We’re in a celestially powerful window this week, ripe for creation and change. My first gift to you is an invitation to let us help you gain crystalline clarity, overcome any obstacles, and generate more revenue. Let my team guide you, and walk away with a fresh lens on your business, your purpose, and your next steps. Claim it. 

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