How I stay present when my clients are freaked out

Our explicit job in our businesses is to help, to serve, to support. Especially when our people are “in it.” Feeling tender, raw, and triggered as they work through the deep material.  

These are the most important times to be resourced, loving, and present. And they’re the hardest ones!  It’s not trivial to stay centered in those moments.

That’s what people pay me for. It’s the reason I can charge what I charge for coaching with me at the highest level. 

I can hold people in my loving attention. 

Here’s how.

When a client comes to me completely freaked out, ready to throw their vision on the ground,  spun out about what they can and can’t do… 

When they’ve bought into some toxic story that ruins their desire, removes them from that process, and they ask for me to buy into their story… 

This is my response. 

Go ahead. Bring me more. You want to be upset? That’s not gonna disturb me. 


What’s the opportunity here?

And then, I can see it. The opportunity. The truth. The possibility. The portal. 

Anytime a portal for transformation opens up, the client’s subconscious will kick up all kinds of noise. The subconscious is built to keep us from going through those portals! 

That’s the power of this work. 

We work consciously with the subconscious material – material that was designed to protect us from the moments when we didn’t feel loved. As we increase our capacity to work with our subconscious, we learn how to love what’s underneath the triggers and the freak-outs. 

Which allows us to be calm, present, well-resourced, supportive, loving, and IN SERVICE to the person in front of us. 


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