God’s Love and the True You – Guided Meditation

I got inspired to gift you something…  

So I filmed a new meditation that supports you in calling on the truth of yourself.
It invites you to be fully you and feel good doing it.
To welcome yourself as you are, unconditionally. 

This is not about getting it right (or avoiding doing it wrong.) 

It’s about feeling the presence of God. 

On my earliest trips to India, where I truly met God, I was inspired to write pages and pages of poetry. 

By Jesse Johnson 

This feeling in my heart
it is the deep comfort

the great joy
the true love

It is so tempting to try to preserve it
like fruit for eating later

if I can gather enough raspberries in September
I can eat them until August

just a few each day

Is such a thing possible with enlightenment?
Can we capture our own liberation
and put it in a bottle
to drink from every morning like medicine?

It is like eating boxes of raisins
when there are fresh grapes waiting on the vine.

Our freedom is not a precious or rare commodity

whatever they may say

It is an ocean vast and generous


When you are fully yourself… What happens? 

When you’re in God’s presence, what do you create? 

Will you share it with us? 

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