My Privilege, Pain, and Purpose

Your story is unique to you, right? 

Made up of all the different elements that fertilize your growth. Joyful experiences that nourish you alongside dark nights of the soul that lead to your breakthroughs. 

No matter what’s flowering at the surface of our lives, we all have invisible roots that extend into our deepest material. 

When people hear the elevator version of my story it often goes something like this: 

“Jesse Johnson leaves teaching in New York public schools, becomes a coach, and within two years, she makes over a million dollars in her business.”

That feels like a rarity, an overnight success, something most people can’t just… do. 

Of course, it’s not the whole story. 

In this interview we get into a fuller, more truthful, human version.

We don’t always see or hear the other side of things when we’re looking at a big success story. Which makes it hard to relate to our own lives, our own experiences. Makes it easy for our subconscious to take over and say, that person is special, lucky, better, I don’t know what it is but they’re different from me

We don’t see… 

The part of the path that’s hidden in shadow, 

the lifetime of practice in showing up with excellence, 

the painstaking development of valuable skill sets, 

the massive investment into personal work, 

And the list goes on.   

Have you taken inventory of all of the ways your experience shapes your potential for growth and success? 

I’d love to invite you into this practice with me:
Make a list of all you have to offer because of who you are, with the precise material you carry.
The education you’ve had, your wholly unique life experiences, the work you’ve done.
All that you’ve survived, thrived on, accomplished, pursued, and failed. 

It’s your individual blueprint for success. 

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