Your Ego’s Intelligence – Listen Deeper

The ego wants to be at the center.
So why not let it be at the center? 

This is a pretty brilliant hack. 

You are the center of the universe (from your perspective).
You’re also tiny and irrelevant (relative to the whole).
So – you could not be smaller,
AND – you’re right at the center.

Let yourself have that.
Let the ego have what it wants.
Be the center that you already are.

What does it look like to be the center?
It means we occupy our lives, we occupy our seats, we occupy our bodies. Fully.
We take up space.
In that way, the ego is tremendously beneficial, tremendously healing. It’s pointing us in the right direction. 

So – when we’re attacking ourselves, when we’re comparing ourselves, it’s just another chance to realize: I’m accidentally using my ego to make me feel bad.

That’s not what it’s for.
My ego is here to remind me to take my true place. 

When we start to understand that, our inner parts don’t have to do so much to get our attention.
And we can bring our authentic, undivided love and acceptance to every single part of us. 


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