I made myself jealous.

Over the past few months we’ve been studying the topic of comparison.

Why we do it, where it comes from, how to interrupt it, and how we can use it to go deeper.

I want to share a simultaneously humbling and empowering experience I had recently, when I compared myself to my client.

I’ve introduced you to my client Vanessa before and you’ll see her again. 

(She is the feature for the first season of our upcoming podcast series!!)

Vanessa has been moving so fast, so easily. 

She made $75,000 in one month – it’s the most she’s ever made in that timeframe. 

Then she spent a month in Tulum, living in a glorious Airbnb on the beach – something she’s wanted to do for years. She brought her baby girl and a nanny, served some amazing clients, lived in luxury, went dancing, and experienced this dream of her life in physical form.

It was so inspiring to witness – I even got jealous for a moment.

I thought, Vanessa is having an easier time with this exponential growth work than I did. 

I love Vanessa, and I want this for her. I’m so proud of her for being where she is. I’ve been focused on celebrating client wins so intensely, for a minute I forgot to celebrate my own win. The work, my work, that made this work possible.

  1. I renounced doing the painful things that kept me stuck before. 
  2. I chose to pursue pleasure and purpose because that’s the truth of who I am and I own it.
  3. I tore myself down and built myself back up with a 7 figure business and that helped me literally birth a new life. His name is Kanai.
  4. I changed my entire class and became a catalyst for my students to do the same.

When You renounce doing the painful things, when you do each one for the last time, you make it possible for someone else to do the same. You become a role model for potential. I know that’s what I am for my clients, and today I was reminded of what it took to get here and I celebrate myself for doing the work.  

I want to celebrate you, too. 

You have the power to do your version of the work.

The truth is, no one can compare to you. You are a unique, differentiated cosmic event incarnate on this plane and you weren’t born to struggle. You were born to celebrate your purpose, your spiritual purpose. If you need a reminder, here’s a link to my TedX.

(If you only watch two minutes – skip ahead to minute 14:00, it’s THE BEST)

I’m loving you, celebrating you always, 


If you’re looking to take this a step further and want to understand what I can help you accomplish, book a call with one of our Clarity Coaches.

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