What it means to wait to respond

When I decided to get pregnant, I had these visions of nursing while on a coaching call.
I was super clear that he would be part of my service. 

Sometimes I remember that. Sometimes I feel sheepish about how much he’s in my calls. It changes.

Then yesterday, I got one of these somebody-puts-their-hand-on-your-forehead-and-doses-you-with-the-god-healing:
The parenting decisions I’ve made are so primal I don’t even think about them.
I’m still breastfeeding – that’s a parenting decision. I put a big stake in the ground next to that, and as a result, he is more independent, capable, healthy, and advanced than he would have been had I made a different decision. 

That has changed how I work. 

I’m prioritizing your nourishment differently. And you see it and absorb it visually whenever I’m with him.
You know that that’s true. 

The original vision has changed. I’m certainly not living in the place that I envisioned when we decided to get pregnant. It’s not happening there, it’s happening in different ways, right? 

I’m showing up with my vision because that’s how I contribute to the collaboration. 

I’m not showing up with my vision to be the controller.
This is a collaboration.
With God.
With my mechanics.

But I am bringing myself to it nonetheless. I’m not passively lying down like a log waiting for something to be done to me. 

That’s not what waiting means. 

We’re not waiting to respond and then never acting. 

Or waiting to respond and, as a result, never dreaming, never visioning. 

We’re waiting to respond, and part of how we respond is with our dreams, fantasies, and imaginations. 

This is all part of it. 

Source material, Sales Full Stop, June 14, 2023


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