How do you align with your true self?

How do you realign with your true self? I think this is the most important question anyone has ever asked.

You can only ask it when you know as much as you know already. It’s not a question that everybody can ask. And it’s the most important question.

And this is part of why we’re in a six-month rather than a six-day program. I can teach you all you need to know about how to do sales in six days or less. But the lived experience of how to come back to yourself – that’s the deep, long-term work. 

Let’s recap the tools we’ve already explored:

  • Do the transference exercise and recognize who took you over.
  • Change your body, move your body. 
  • Say the thing.
  • Sing without any explanation. 
  • Take one minute to be with yourself. You can say, “Oh, I just need a minute.” You can say, “Let me take a moment to absorb what you’re saying.” Then do whatever you need to do internally to come back.
  • Give it all to your selenite. Selenite is a tool for channeling that which does not belong to us out of us and into the earth. Hold it. Let the stone take the stuff that isn’t yours.
  • Music. 
  • Get esoteric.

I’m just thinking about the moment when I spilled my coffee.
I realized, “I am not present. I’m not here anymore. I’m overwhelmed. I have only one arm, my kid is sleeping. I’m trying to be quiet. Coffee just spilled. I’m embarrassed. I don’t know if I’m ok. I don’t know if they’re okay. Are they mad at me? 

It’s not even important. Any of those things.
I’m just not here. 

It’s radical to do anything to cut through that and get back here.

I want to be myself.
I want to be my true self.
I want to be present. 

I don’t feel that I am right now. 

Let me interrupt.” 

Source material, Sales Full Stop, June 14, 2023


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