Do you have God’s number?

Money points to God.
Of course, God is there also. 

This is an enormous exponential opportunity for every spiritual teacher.
Every healer.
Every coach. 

All of us. 

One of our biggest bangs for the buck is to give our attention to money.
And to include God while we do it.

When we look at money, it calls on us to look at the truth of what’s happening in our world, and how we’re participating or not participating in it. 

It is our responsibility to be empowered around money. 

How much we make is totally individual. I’m not on a mission for everyone to make a certain amount.

I’m on a mission to support you in experiencing financial empowerment and financial freedom.
I’m on a mission to support you in being confident and competent in working with money on your terms.

This work is revolutionary.
This is one of the things that can do the most to change the world. 

You can watch my YouTube video here to see and feel the Source Material for yourself!

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