Less Words

You know the amount of information that needs to be shared.
And it’s so different from the amount of information that everyone else is sharing.

It’s sort of like a different language, and you are so solid there.
It is the right thing to say.
You’ve shared the right information.

We relax into you, into your rhythm, into your knowing.

There’s no hiding.
There’s nothing closed or shrouded.
This isn’t some lack of clarity or a growth edge for you.

It’s precise.
It’s correct.
You can trust that you know exactly what words and when.

Your potency is so much about less words than most people.
Different words than most people.
Words like acupuncture needles.
Words like matches.

You sense what’s ripe and ready. You gravitate towards the places where just a little energy and attention will change everything. Everything will shatter. Everything will transform.

You’re tuned to those places. They’re the places where you can gently touch the one domino, and the whole thing goes whoosh.

You can trust that now and do it on purpose.

Give real estate to that.
This is your gift, your mastery, that has been recently unleashed.

Source material, Sales Full Stop, October 4, 2023

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