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F*&k the naysayers! Let yourself be YOU

When I started my business, I knew I wanted to work with spiritual teachers, healers. And I had people tell me every step of the way that I couldn’t do that. Spiritual people wouldn’t pay. I could never build ANY business working with spiritual people. Friends, family, people who identify as spiritual people, coaches, even MY coaches – they all told me that.  And guess what?  They were all f*cking wrong.  I COULD be all […]

Vulnerability is Power

I don’t think getting triggered is a bad thing. In fact, I often say the trigger is a gift. It brings light to hidden information.  This might sound insensitive to some of you. I promise, it’s not. Because in my work with my clients, I am fully trauma aware. I know that doing the work – around money, sales, visibility, all of it – calls on us to work through our traumas. When we are […]

Lead with Authenticity: The Success Sessions with Toku McCree

I am so f*cking honored and thrilled to share this brilliant, brilliant conversation with one of the deepest humans I know.  Toku McCree is an author, speaker, and coach focused on bringing Zen teachings to the world of business, leadership, and coaching. He trained for over two years as a Zen Monk – ya’ll know I love my monks. Toku and I have known each other for years; we deeply reconnected recently and it has […]

Love that Moves Mountains and Creates Worlds

Sometimes things don’t end the way you planned. Sometimes there’s a global pandemic and you can’t gather the members of your deeply beloved mastermind group in person for your closing, and it breaks your heart a little bit. The same group of souls who traveled with you to India. The group that helped you crack open to share a deeper level of your own vulnerability and authenticity… will never be together in the same way […]

Finding Joy and Happiness Within

“I’m taking home from India a newfound outlook on how life can be lived. The devotion, the joy, the happiness…” -Kristy Conlan In honor of completing an incredible year long journey with our 2020 Vision group, we’ve been sharing stories of profound transformation and healing in India, where the journey began. This video features the luminous Kristy Conlan. Kristy’s walk in India is just so bright and beautiful to witness. Hearing her describe her experience is […]