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Want What You Want

It’s a key to the process of creation that is a blind spot for so many of us. You gotta let yourself WANT what you want. You gotta feel it.  This intimate interview illustrates the truth of wanting, along with what can happen when you genuinely embrace your desires… “…without explanation or compromise… To have, be, do, and experience what you want… Not some watered down palatable f-ing version of what you want.”  -Kate LaBrosse  […]

Cold Calling As Spiritual Practice?!

This video gets straight to the point! I’m going to teach you how to stop being scared of cold calling.  We cover three main topics: The importance of cold calling  Why we’re so terrified to do it   How to get over those fears and create true financial freedom  As you’re likely aware – there’s no business without sales. If you don’t know where the money will come from this month, cold calls will resolve that. […]

Love Yourself Unapologetically: The Success Sessions with Nadine McNeil

“The most radical thing you can do is to love yourself unapologetically, because EVERYTHING else flows from there.”  I am so thrilled to introduce you to my dear friend, the brilliant Nadine McNeil on The Success Sessions. I love this woman so much!!  Nadine is a yoga teacher, public speaker, transformational coach and humanitarian. Her mission involves igniting others to create and dwell in infinite possibility, and share the tenets of yoga within communities where it […]

Choose YOU. There’s still time.

“I didn’t know what Jesse was teaching was an option.” – Yamuna Bihari   Most people don’t. I didn’t either.  But it’s an option that you can choose, to make as much money as you want, doing exactly what you want, being exactly who you are.  When I was still working in math education in the NYC public schools, I went to see someone I knew who was speaking about her coaching business. She used to […]

Live the Life of Your Dreams

That life is calling you…  The life you’ve envisioned, prayed for, dreamed of, and maybe thought would never happen.  When in fact, the life that’s waiting for you is even better than anything you could possibly imagine.  Like for me – if I had known 40 was going to look and feel THIS good, I would have reached for it a lot sooner! I love where I am. I love what I’m doing. I love […]