Riding the tide of God’s vision flowing through us

I think that faith removes the need for drama and doubt, scarcity and fear. 

I still feel those things, but it’s much easier for me to see that they’re not true and offer it all up to God. Because I know that my vision, my own personal preferences, aren’t even really about me. It’s all in service of something much bigger. I don’t have to use my own emotional energy to pep talk myself into alignment each time, because I’m riding the tide of God’s vision that’s flowing through me. 

My ease and neutrality in the relationship makes more room for that divine energy. 

So much of what has made my spiritual life so nourishing and sustainable is the sweetness, the tenderness that’s waiting for me there. It’s the most open-hearted, raw, receptive experience. 

When I align with God on this level of massive contribution and creation in the world, the love that I feel is the definition of sweetness. 

This type of faith really is the key to realizing your biggest, most impactful, most important visions. It’s the secret sauce for creating a business that nourishes you – while changing the world in all the ways you know are needed. No self-sacrifice, just sweetness. We can help! Claim a space with our clarity coach to talk through your questions. 

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